The series of 5 – 5 classical Pilates exercises that will get make your abs BURN.

Repeat each exercise 8 to 12 times

  1. single leg stretch – curl up, pull one bent knee into your chest, and repeat by switching legs
  2. double leg stretch – both knees bent to chest, curl up, extend both legs straight, reach your arms back by your ears, circle your arms around and hug your knees
  3. single straight leg stretch – one leg up to the sky, grab it, pull it closer to you & scissor switch your legs
  4. double straight leg stretch – both legs up to the sky, curl your chin to chest, lower and lift your legs
  5. criss cross – in a curled position, take your right elbow to your left knee, and repeat20151230_123404.jpg20151230_123408.jpg