Hello!  I’ve teamed up with two lovely ladies to share how fitting in fitness into your daily life is possible.  Here they are:

Annie  –  http://www.simplyannie.com/

Corina  –  http://www.nowthaticando.com/home/8-secrets-to-a-fitness-routine-that-sticks

Here’s how I fit in fitness.

I work for Equinox, managing the Pilates department and acting as lead teacher trainer for the Pilates Instruction certificate program.  I’ve been teaching about 8 years and health and fitness has always been a passion.  When I turned six, my Dad asked me if I’d like to take ballet lessons and so it began.  I danced my way through college and into working for Disney.  In between Disney gigs, I became a certified trainer and worked at various health clubs.  Once my Disney days were over, I moved to California and reconnected with some old friends.  One gifted me a Pilates session for my birthday. I tried it and was instantly hooked.  I became certified through the Physical Mind Institute and have been teaching ever since… excepting my 4 month maternity leave.  Pregnancy and I did NOT do well! Some women’s shiny skin and bouncy hair make pregnancy look easy. I struggled with the weight gain, swollen feet, lack of breath, and generally just feeling bad most of the time. But, we got through it and our lives were forever changed when our son was born.  I was fortunate to have had four months of maternity leave but when they ended, I was completely devastated by the thought of separating from my son. I cried from exhaustion overwhelmed by the realization that I was about to become… A WORKING MOM!? It seemed impossible.  I’m a structured person and having a baby strips you of order and control. I knew that if I wanted stay sane, I had to create and stick to a routine.  I also knew that setting time aside for myself was imperative. At work that was easy with gaps between clients and the convenience of one of the most advanced exercise facilities in the country at my disposal. But at home it was a different story. So my husband and I worked together to create a daily schedule for our son. It consists of set times for meals, snacks, play, naps, bath and bedtime.  Then I blocked out time for myself that fit within his schedule.  There are no lengthy workouts, as time slots between the events of his day are brief, but even just ten minute bouts of exercise will boost endorphins. While my husband reads him bedtime stories, I lie on the floor and do a quick stretch/ab routine.  I walk the dog in the morning before he wakes, and after we say goodnight. I’ve also recently set aside twenty minutes per day to meditate. It helps tremendously with managing stress. Healthy perspective and perception are vital. If you see your situation as impossible, well, that’s likely what you’ll get. I’m not saying it’s easy. It’s an incredible challenge. “Mom guilt” is real and some days are better than others, but I try to be just as strong emotionally as I am physically so my son will grow up with a positive female role model.  He’s the most amazing part of my life, so I’ll devote every ounce of energy to his health and happiness. I truly believe that will require I take time to care for myself so that I can better care for him.



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