1.  Plank – either on your elbows or palms – hold it until you shake and then hold it some more.
  2. The 100 – a classical Pilates exercise designed to warm up the entire body – lie supine – extend your legs to 45 degrees or lower – curl your chin to your chest and vigorously pump your arms up and down by your hips for 10 sets of 10 (that equals 100 ) 🙂
  3. Push – ups – either on your knees or legs straight out, hands under shoulders, bend your arms and take your chest as low as you can get back up  & repeat!
  4. Take a walk – I don’t mean a saunter, I mean a brisk (if even for 10 minute) walk –  your heart will thank you and it will clear your mind.
  5. Squat – stand flat again the wall and squat down – hug your ribs to the wall and hold until it burns and then hold it some more.

Good luck!