Happy Sunday, everyone.  This blog is inspired by comedian, Neal Brennan.  My husband played me a clip of him speaking about how important it is for women to be “cute” and it struck me extremely funny and true.  Here’s the link to the clip:


I spend hours scouring Instagram looking for “cute” clothes, style tips, fitness tips, shoes, jewelry, fashion…you get the idea.  We planned a trip to Michigan for the holidays and I spent weeks prepping my outfits – ridiculous? Nah…it was fun for me and for some reason, important.  I’m sure men will roll their eyes in their head, but ladies?  Are you with me?  I don’t consider myself that vain or superficial, but yet I am concerned with what my 2 year old boy will be wearing to school tomorrow.  In fact, I lay out his clothes the night before.  Maybe that’s just good old fashioned OCD.  AT any rate, here’s my tribute to “cute” and I hope you enjoy.