Month: September 2016

Mamabu – box

Motherhood is not for the weak and the phrase, “it takes a village” rings true to me.  Mamabu – box has created the cutest monthly subscription care packages for mamas.  They sent me one to review and I was pleasantly surprised with the goodies inside.  I was gifted: dark chocolates, the cutest T shirt, an adorable head band, a beautiful gold cuff that says “mama”, and soap.  Too fun!  We all need time for ourselves and I strongly believe if you take time to care for yourself, your house runs smoother.  Their website is: and I love their slogan “be the mom you are”

Now go get ’em, mamas!  And don’t forget to take some time for YOU today!


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Petal aroma

Petal aroma was kind enough to send me some samples to review.  Petal is essential, plant based aroma and absolutely wonderful!  Their site is:

To use, simply pour the pearls into a jar and reap the benefits of aroma.  The petal “pearls” are non toxic and derived completely from natural sources.  I’ve been using the lavender scent in our master bedroom.  I find the scent calming, especially when first waking up in the morning.



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