Month: December 2015


I live in sneakers and activewear – Linked below are the new balance I’m wearing plus a 2nd pair on right now for just $39!!  Happy sweating.20151230_122138

20151230_122147 - Edited

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AB Burner – The Series of 5

The series of 5 – 5 classical Pilates exercises that will get make your abs BURN.

Repeat each exercise 8 to 12 times

  1. single leg stretch – curl up, pull one bent knee into your chest, and repeat by switching legs
  2. double leg stretch – both knees bent to chest, curl up, extend both legs straight, reach your arms back by your ears, circle your arms around and hug your knees
  3. single straight leg stretch – one leg up to the sky, grab it, pull it closer to you & scissor switch your legs
  4. double straight leg stretch – both legs up to the sky, curl your chin to chest, lower and lift your legs
  5. criss cross – in a curled position, take your right elbow to your left knee, and repeat20151230_123404.jpg20151230_123408.jpg



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A pop of white

I LOVE puffy vests!

Currently on sale @uniqlo

Jeans & similiar waffle knit top@old navy

SALE ALERT – Beanie @Nordstrom is less than 10 bucks!!


20151229_101358 20151229_103326




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New Year’s Resolutions


  1.  Plank – either on your elbows or palms – hold it until you shake and then hold it some more.
  2. The 100 – a classical Pilates exercise designed to warm up the entire body – lie supine – extend your legs to 45 degrees or lower – curl your chin to your chest and vigorously pump your arms up and down by your hips for 10 sets of 10 (that equals 100 ) 🙂
  3. Push – ups – either on your knees or legs straight out, hands under shoulders, bend your arms and take your chest as low as you can get back up  & repeat!
  4. Take a walk – I don’t mean a saunter, I mean a brisk (if even for 10 minute) walk –  your heart will thank you and it will clear your mind.
  5. Squat – stand flat again the wall and squat down – hug your ribs to the wall and hold until it burns and then hold it some more.

Good luck!

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A perfect NYE dress

Sparkle baby! A perfect NYE dress. Adrianna Papell @ Nordstrom

Sparkle baby!  This beauty is by Adrianna Papell @ Nordstrom

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Happy Sunday, everyone.  This blog is inspired by comedian, Neal Brennan.  My husband played me a clip of him speaking about how important it is for women to be “cute” and it struck me extremely funny and true.  Here’s the link to the clip:–uncensored—cute-s–t

I spend hours scouring Instagram looking for “cute” clothes, style tips, fitness tips, shoes, jewelry, fashion…you get the idea.  We planned a trip to Michigan for the holidays and I spent weeks prepping my outfits – ridiculous? Nah…it was fun for me and for some reason, important.  I’m sure men will roll their eyes in their head, but ladies?  Are you with me?  I don’t consider myself that vain or superficial, but yet I am concerned with what my 2 year old boy will be wearing to school tomorrow.  In fact, I lay out his clothes the night before.  Maybe that’s just good old fashioned OCD.  AT any rate, here’s my tribute to “cute” and I hope you enjoy.


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