Hello Fresh !

A fitting name for the cutest food delivery service.  Hello Fresh does not disappoint. I am in no way a cook as in, I struggle to boil water. I really have no clue what we eat for dinner around here.  I was ecstatic that Hello Fresh offered to send me a box to review.  We are veggie/vegan and they have options to suit our dietary needs.  First up – penne pasta with swiss chard and a mushroom sauce…soooo very goooood…and there were leftovers!  My husband was extremely happy.  The meal prep was minimal and it took me thirty minutes as promised on the instructions.  I was definitely worried that I wouldn’t be able to pull it off, but if you walked in my house that evening, you would have thought me a chef. Amazing.  Hello Fresh provides you with simple, step by step instructions, all the spices needed for the meal, and a cute apron to top it off. The best is that you now own the recipes if you feel inclined to repeat the dish.  I still have two more dishes to tackle – one a salad and the other a stir fry.  I can’t wait!  I give Hello Fresh a five out of five.  Fresh is absolutely true, simple, delicious, and I felt so accomplished!


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Mamabu – box

Motherhood is not for the weak and the phrase, “it takes a village” rings true to me.  Mamabu – box has created the cutest monthly subscription care packages for mamas.  They sent me one to review and I was pleasantly surprised with the goodies inside.  I was gifted: dark chocolates, the cutest T shirt, an adorable head band, a beautiful gold cuff that says “mama”, and soap.  Too fun!  We all need time for ourselves and I strongly believe if you take time to care for yourself, your house runs smoother.  Their website is: and I love their slogan “be the mom you are”

Now go get ’em, mamas!  And don’t forget to take some time for YOU today!


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Daniel Wellington ladies watch = true love

Daniel Wellington makes the most beautiful watches.  I am lucky enough to have had one sent to me to to review and I absolutely love it!  I chose Rose Gold with a navy blue band and it’s both timeless and gorgeous.  Here’e the link to the exact watch I picked out:

Their site is:

From now until September 30th, use the code “SOMETHINGCUTE” to receive 15% off your order.  This watch would be a great gift for someone special or the perfect splurge on yourself.  Daniel Wellington also has a men’s collection and beautiful accessories.  I feel this is a timepiece I will have for years and goes with anything.  Dress it up or down, you’re sure to get many compliments and feel good wearing it.  Elegant, beautifully constructed, and modestly priced.  If you’re looking for a watch to bring it all together, Daniel Wellington will not disappoint. Happy shopping!








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Dear Romper

Dear Romper,

You are so cute & make me feel young…wait, am I too old to be wearing rompers?  I suppose that’s a different topic.  Anyway, I’m not sure how to (AHEM)….use the bathroom in you.  Do I swing both arms behind my back, unbutton the teeny tiny button, and pull you completely down?  I promise I’ll do my best to not let you hit the ground or stomp on you if down there.  What if the only bathroom choice I have is a GASP…. A porta potty??!  I suppose that’s also a different topic.


Do I gracefully pull you to one side in a second desperate attempt to side straddle the toilet bowl. I promise I won’t dribble pee (AHEM) pee on you…I know you ladies got that visual loud and clear.

What if you’re lookin’ super ROMPER cute on a first date.  And because of nerves, you drink a bit too much champagne.  So you’re forced to the ladies room, in a cramped stall, in a tipsy state, and into a panic.  Your mind starts to race because if your new crush thinks you’re in the bathroom for too long….OH MY POOP.  Whatever you do, don’t rip your romper.  She’s cute and loves you and wants you to be happy on your first date.  Stay calm and ask for help!  Your fellow stallmate will understand.


I’d so appreciate any tips from my fellow romper wearin’ ladies out there.  Now if you’ll excuse me…you know where to find me.

Here’s a link to one of my favorites – happy shopping!!







Styling tip!

Do you own dresses that maybe make you feel like you forgot your pants?  Styling TIP:  knot your dress to one side and throw some shorts on under it.  Nothing worse than feeling like you can’t bend over to do something because you’ll flash something.  Especially helpful when handling small children/sticky fingers.  Linked below is my entire outfit – all currently ON SALE!  Happy shopping!








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Be The Good Clothing

#bethegood – such a great message.  Wendy is a mom on a mission and her cute clothes for a cause do not disappoint.  Use the code:  GOODDAYS to receive 20% off sitewide!  The direct link to her website is:

I’m wearing a size small – “No bad days” tank and my little man is in the cutest matching T.  Confession, I love dressing my little boy and I alike. I  have to do it now while he is still little and doesn’t protest!

DSC_40 (1)









5 things NOT TO DO in a gym

How to behave in a gym
From, a high end gym working professional

Don’t approach women and attempt to start up conversation while they’re on any piece of equipment…unless you look like Bradley Cooper. Dear Mr. coming my way. I see you in my periphery. Even though my head is hanging, I’m frowning and my shoulders are slumped, you keep coming toward me. My inner dialogue is, “don’t talk to me, don’t talk to me, don’t talk to me.” Yet, you insist! WHY?!!!! I’m sweaty, red faced, out of breath and trying to workout. Please, no. There will be no “us,” sir.
*Full disclosure. I met my husband at a gym. He said hi to me and I ignored him. Perfect start to our marriage.

The unthinkable happened last week. A hairy, sweaty arm brushed against mine eliciting my involuntary, aggressive, quite audible ROAR followed by an eye roll and dramatic wipe off with my clean towel. There isn’t enough soap or hot water to scrub away that feeling. WHY??!! How could this have happened to me?!! I am SO careful about where I’m working out in relation to others. This Mr. needed these rules read to him, stat.

Ahhh yes, the familiar sounds of grunting, snorting, heavy breathing, and panting followed by KA-BOOOOOOM! Cue the awkward silence, eye rolling, and general disbelief that any adult needs attention that badly. Dear Mr. I-took-too-much-protein-powder-mixed-with-creatine-this-morning, we understand you are trying to blow off some steam, but come on?! Does that process have to scare the living s&%t out of everyone else in the gym?

In the locker room, it is NEVER OK to strike up a conversation while completely undressed or partially undressed. I don’t know where to look. And staring straight into someone’s eyes for too long makes me the creepy one. Let’s be real, this isn’t Europe. We are not ready for boobs in our face while talking about carpool pickup or the hot new restaurant that just opened.

I understand that on a microbial level, a simple wipe of the leather won’t eliminate my risk of catching whatever bacterial contagion your excretions carry, but, I’d just rather not HAVE TO SIT IN IT! Please, please, please, be a decent person and wipe it off.




Mr. Pipes

Loved dog

Had kid

Free dog to good home


Mr. Pipes was my main squeeze poodle baby.  He was spirited, often grumpy, insisting on going to bed nightly at 9pm.  We enjoyed spooning, long afternoon walks, and salmon and rice dinners.  Since Mr. Pipes wasn’t a fan of being alone, he spent his days lounging at the neighbor’s house until we returned home from work.  He was tall enough to peek his little furry face through the iron metal gates.  As soon as he saw us, he would rear up on his back legs and take off in mad circles.  And then….I got pregnant.  We packed up and moved to a bigger house knowing Mr. Pipes would need a buddy at his new home.  We scoured shelters in hopes of finding him the perfect girlfriend.  We had specific requirements: female, small, and poodle mix (non shedding) as the baby was on his way in a few short months.  At one shelter, we were led into a back area where there were literally hundreds of poodle mutt mixes.  It was complete chaos.  Jumping, barking, biting.  Crazy!  In the midst of the madness, there sat a tiny, mangy, brown nosed white pup, perfectly quiet staring up at me.  She was the one.  My husband named her “Amy” and we brought her home to Mr. Pipes.  In true Piper fashion, he promptly humped her multiple times.  Perfect.  


As we settled in and prepped for the baby’s arrival, Pipes and Amy bonded.  Or rather,  Amy’s true colors began to shine.  Amy enjoyed flying leaps off our bed.  Paws stretched to the max, she would time her landing just right and on top of Piper’s head.  Mr. Pipes would try his best to make a comeback, ears perked, deep growl, hump stance.  But inevitably, two year old Amy forced thirteen year old Pipes to retreat under the kitchen table.

Did I mention Amy pee’d each time you tried to pet her?  Yup, a puddle of pee at your feet followed by her submitting and rolling around in it.  Excellent.  At 37 weeks pregnant, I found myself glued to the couch entertained by the wrestling, snorting, and snoozing of Pipes and Amy.  She was good for him.


And then…we had a baby.  An eight pound, chubby cheeked, precious little face…you get the idea.  We had never been happier.  As we attempted to settle into our new life as parents, aggravation crept in as dogs swirled around my feet.  They were in my way.  Gasp!  Mr. Pipes in my way?  I was guilt ridden but, had a new boy in my life.

As months passed, our beloved Piper turned fourteen and sadly, began experiencing major health problems. We fought for him but one night, he left us.  We were destroyed.  And so was Amy.  She wouldn’t move from the edge of the bed and cried for her buddy.  The energy in the house was different and felt wrong.  Pipers nails were noticeably absent from the hardwood floor.  One strange thing about life is that it continues through dark times and death.  All we have is right now. So as days passed, we were happy to have Amy pitter patter through the house. She zoomed past our ankles, tongue wagging, licking along the way.  I grew tired of wiping the slobber away.  I stomped my feet and yelled at her, “stop licking!”  Did I mention the high pitched howling sound?  Her cry is, no doubt, the most ear piercing sound ever, of all time.  It’s the sound a wolf in a heated battle would make, not a twelve pound poodle.  That perfectly silent, well behaved, poodle in the shelter knew exactly how to stand out in the crowd.    It’s been almost a year since Piper passed and it seems we are stuck with Amy.  Peeing, high pitched howling, drive by leg licking Amy.  Anyone want a poodle?




Dedicated to Mr. Pipes.  We miss your stink break.


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